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Update DateDecember 6, 2023
CategoryAction Game
ModUnlocked All
RequiresAndroid 5.1

Fight For America MOD APK game based on the fight to protect America.

In Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5, you can take on as an intelligent American commander to have greater comprehension of the current challenging situation. This is an interesting tactical action game by Homa. Players will be able to watch the United States under attack by terrorist groups in the future.

In this section you are going to participate in your own legendary tower defensive fight and must do everything you can to keep the country safe. There are multiple tasks in this MOD APK that you must complete while playing this game. It features base building, tower defensive updates, and efficient force dispatch. For greater clarity, try downloading the game from Google Play or using the Fight For America 3.34.5 MOD APK file provided below.

Apply a strong defensive strategy In Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5

Essentially, Fight For America’s operational principle corresponds to modern tower defense games. The player must make the most successful defensive decisions in every phase to prevent the enemy’s attacks. After a brief tutorial, you’ll be ready to start your own war.

Every battle in the MOD APK 3.34.5 game is divided into rounds, and you must strategically position your army to combat waves of rivals. This is the time to select the best defensive towers for each situation in order to shoot down the competitor. After each round, you will receive proportional awards and improve the defense towers to make them stronger.

Easy and challenging map

Fight For America 3.34.5 MOD APK map structure is also organized, ensuring that players are always aware of the battle environment. Usually, the screen will display zones indicating enemy territory, allowing players to identify which parts are secure and which are held by the enemy. When a conflict ends successfully, the control area changes status, making it easy to observe. likewise, this game offers a variety of daily awards to keep players interested in the mission to protect the country. Player can achieve very high rewards in Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5.

Fight for America MOD APK with HD graphics

In Fight for America (MOD APK) the quality of the graphics is Full HD. Also, the details shown on the screen are very clear and easily visualized. The map, the army system, and the defensive tower are shown in very high detail.

Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5
Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5

How to install Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5

Step 1: Click on the download button and get Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5

Step 2: Active unknown sources in your phone

Step 3: Open downloaded file of MOD APK and click on install

Step 4: Just wait for completion of installation and enjoy the Fight for America MOD APK


Can we play offline Fight For America game ?

Yes ! You can play offline this game

Can we play with friends Fight For America ?

Yes! You can play with your friends


In Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5, players take on the role of a skilled American commander facing a potential terrorist threat. Homa developed this tactical action game, which includes base building, tower defense updates, and efficient force movement. In each fight round, players must make strategic decisions in order to effectively defend against waves of enemies. After each round, players earn rewards to improve their defense towers and strengthen their positions. The map structure keeps players informed about the war environment by indicating which areas are secure and which are held by the enemy. With daily rewards and high achievement levels, Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5 provides an enjoyable journey in the goal to protect the country.

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Click on the Download button and get Fight For America MOD APK 3.34.5

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