How to keep your sales team productive while on vacation

Productive sales team

The holiday season has arrived and many sellers are inclined to take their foot off the accelerator. And while this time of year is busy and loaded with holidays, big spending, and chaos, with careful planning, you can continue to hit your sales goals during the holidays and beyond.

Here are some tips for keeping your sales team productive during the holiday season:

Don’t make assumptions

The first thing to do is do not make assumptions about what your prospects are doing. It is common to think that buyers are too busy or out of the office and cannot buy at the moment. It’s quite possible that during the holiday season, your prospects are actually more ready to buy than usual!

The end of the year has a way of creating urgency for buyers as they assess their fourth quarter needs and year-end budgets and start planning to start their year over. Change offers us all new opportunities. Call those old prospects and see how they’re doing, what they’re thinking. Put your foot back on the gas.

Register and meet old customers

If you are having trouble selling to new customers, you can always focus your efforts on your existing customers. This is especially important if you are selling an evolving product. Now is a great time to check in with past clients and let them know you’re thinking of them. Chances are they’ll assess their situation in Q4 as well, and now you could be at the top of their list for contract renewals or product upgrades, all with just a phone call.

Find new prospects creatively

To attract new prospects, you often have to talk on the phone, which is not easy at this time of year when everyone is on vacation and avoids business calls. So it’s time to get creative!

Take a day to browse news sites and find companies in your industry or target market that have recently raised a lot of capital or hired a lot of new employees. These growing businesses may need your services. Also look for other websites and social forums. Just because no one is picking up the phone doesn’t mean you can’t gain new leads.

Organize sales meetings after the holidays

If you’ve stayed motivated, avoided guesswork, and been creative, you’ve probably learned some new leads, which means it’s time to call them on the phone or Zoom for meetings and demos. Since vacations are usually filled with business and personal events, you might have a hard time finding a good time to meet. No problem. Just make sure you meet in a reasonable time after the holidays. Determine exactly when your clients will be back in the office and then schedule your meetings.

As a salesperson, it’s easy to get too involved in selling, and it’s easy to stick with what has always worked for you. This time of year reminds us that change is inevitable. Use this season to re-evaluate and renew your approach – you may be in your best year.

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