Two more charged with fatal brawl in Brisbane that left the South Sudanese community in shock

The scene of a fatal stabbing and brawl at, O'Callaghan Park in Zillmere, Brisbane.

Two men have been charged in court with the death of a teenager in a violent attack on Sunday night in Brisbane, after ten men appeared on the same charge yesterday.

Twelve people have now been charged with the murder of 19-year-old Girum Mekonnen, who died after allegedly being beaten and stabbed by two groups of about 20 African youths with bats and knives on playing fields in Zillmere.

Some victims received a knife in their torso, pelvis, head and face.

Ten other people were injured in the attack, while three people were hospitalized, one in a serious condition.

Abraham Yak and Ben Abio presented their case to the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Friday.

Majok Riel Majok, Kresta Wal Wal, Anas Ayman Abdu Musa, Gabreal Wal Wal, Santo Wal, Juma Makuol Deng Makuol, Alex Edward Deng, Yohana Wal Wal, Joseph Lokolong and Chan Kon were all named in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday.

The 12 accused are charged a total of 158, including assault and serious bodily harm.

All have been remanded in custody without bail requests and the cases will appear in court on Nov. 16.

South Sudanese community leader Beny Aterdit Bol said his community is not unique in its struggle to involve young people.

SBS News: Stefan Armbruster

Beny Aterdit Bol, chairman of the Queensland African Communities Council, previously told SBS News that the South Sudanese community was distraught by the “unexpected, very tragic incident”.

The community is so shocked, it is very upset, ”said Bol.

“A young person has lost his life, a young person who had a bright future.”


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