World War 3: Armistice Violations in Pakistan at a Record High of 17 Years in Support of China

World War 3: Armistice Violations in Pakistan at a Record High of 17 Years in Support of China

China and India are in an ongoing military stalemate that has increased rapidly since June when 20 Indian soldiers were killed. Figures from the Indian Parliament show Pakistan’s record breaking ceasefire agreements on the Line of Control (LoC).

Pakistan has beaten all annual records for the past 17 years in the first nine months of this year.

India’s parliament said 242 incidents of “cross-border shelling” took place along the Jammu and Kashmir border between January and August.

Data from the Indian Army also showed that the total number of ceasefire violations along the LoC was 972 in 2017 and 1,629 in 2018.

The number shot up to 3,168 in 2019.

But India has already registered 3,186 ceasefire violations along the LoC from January to September this year.

Pakistan has increased its military strength since the clashes between Indian forces and Chinese People’s Liberation Army soldiers escalated from May onwards.

A senior Indian army officer told The Times of India: “Pakistan clearly supports its ‘iron brother’ China.

“It also wants to push as many terrorists and weapons as possible to Jammu and Kashmir before the mountain passes are covered with snow.

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But India has also had to hold its own with Pakistan along the LoC.

Indian troops have been permanently deployed in camps, bunkers and posts along the LoC and in the hinterland for counter-attacks.

Another Indian officer told The Times of India: “If China wants to turn the LAC into something like the LoC, with more permanent troop deployments and posts, we are ready.

“Yes, it will be tough and expensive. But troops are used to the harsh climate and terrain, unlike the PLA. “

The LAC stretches 3,488 km from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh.

The LoC runs on a 778 km border along Jammu and Kashmir.

Since 1984, Indian troops have also been deployed to most of the dominant elevations in the Siachen Glacier-Saltoro Ridge region.

India launched Operation Meghdoot, on the highest battlefield in the world, in anticipation of a similar action by Pakistan.

Indian forces gained control of the entire Siachen Glacier after the operation.

The Indian Army is the first army in the world to lift tanks and other heavy military equipment to an extremely high height above 5,000 meters.

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